Case Studies

Shiloh Precision Tooling’s Coil Lifter is an economical solution because it reduces the need to change the attitude of the coil in order to increase productivity, improve efficiency, reduce material damage and promote safety.

Here is feedback from one of our loyal customers:

Increase in Productivity & Improve Efficiency

Using Shiloh’s telescoping coil lifter has greatly improved our operation. Where we used to get several guys to muscle a coil from the pallet to the pay-out reel, now a single person can do the entire process with much greater efficiency and much less risk of injury. If just one person were to trip, the potential for serious injury would be too great–not only injury to personnel, but the possibility of damage to the coil.

Shiloh’s small coil lifter is relatively light. One person can easily pick it up and affix it to the lifting hook. Then it’s just a matter of positioning the three legs in the center of the coil, spreading them by loosening the tension knob and lift. It’s that simple.

After the coil has been moved into position, simply reverse the process. Loosen the tension knob and push the center bar down which lets the legs retract from under the coil. Pull the coil lifter free of the coil and you’re done.

Reduce Material Damage:

The entire process lets you move the coil with minimal handling and no tilting or repositioning – some softer materials can be damaged just by standing them up on their edge while trying to thread a strap or hook through the coil’s center.

The coil is also moved with minimal vertical clearance. Unlike “sling-like” lifting devices that need a lot of vertical clearance, the coil lifter just requires its own height (24-32”) above the top of the coil itself.

Promote Safety:

Safety is a primary concern here in our shop, as it is in most shops. Our management was very pleased when we were able to use the coil lifter to be able to move coiled stock around with minimal involvement of extra personnel and with much less chance of anyone getting hurt. Even a pinched finger can keep a good operator from performing at peak efficiency for several days.
Occasionally we’ll have a job that involves coils that have a larger center inside diameter. While a smaller coil lifter can support the weight, spreading the feet too far apart can cause the tips of the feet to point upward enough that they could damage the coiled material. For this reason we also have the larger 20” model of the coil lifter in our shop. It’s simply a case of having the right tool for the right job.

Shiloh’s coil lifter has definitely helped us save time and improve safety in our shop.

— Testimonial from satisfied Shiloh’s Coil Lifter user of many years (name withheld by request)