Steel Coil Lifter FAQs

How big are the coil lifters, how much do they weigh and how much do they lift?
Our standard coil lifters are 28 to 37 inches long and have a 15 to 19 inch diameter when not carrying a coil. When carrying a coil they are 31 to 41 inches long and have a 13 to 21 inch diameter. They range in weight from 11-48 pounds. These small coil lifters can lift 400-3000 pounds.
Do these small coil lifters need electrical power?
NO. Simply hang it and lift it. No electricity is required. The lifters are small, portable and there is no changing the attitude of the coils when transporting the coils.
How much clearance do you need under a coil for the legs of the coil lifter to catch the inside edges of the coil?
Only ¼” is needed under the coil. The feet are angled so they slide under the coil as the spreader disk goes up firmly pressing the legs against the inside of the coil as it is raised.
Can you lift more than one coil at a time?
YES, but we do not recommend this. If several coils were stacked, because the legs are angled, the only coil held securely would be the bottom coil. The taller you stack coils the greater the distance from the legs to the inside edge of the coils and the greater chance for the top coils in the stack to shift off center.
Can a chain be used to pick up the coil lifter or will a hook be better for balance?
Either a hook or a chain can be used.
What size hook or chain will fit into the coil lifter’s hoist ring?
Please refer to these drawings to see the hoist ring dimensions. Our EL 400 and EL 750 products use the smaller hoist ring while the EL 1500 and EL 3000 requires the larger hoist ring.

hoist ring
Will the feet of the coil lifter damage the material on the coil?
With a reasonable amount of care, no.
What can be used to move these small coil lifters when carrying a coil?

Any type of crane system will do, stationary or portable.

For stationary use, an overhead crane with a chain fall works well. To transport the coil from room to room an engine lifter can be used. Because our coil lifters are so small and portable and you don’t have to change the attitude of the coil when moving it, our coil lifters can be moved by virtually anything with a hook or chain that will support the weight of the coil.

Can the coil lifter be used to load a stock reel with a center peg?
YES, as long as the peg is no greater than 6 inches tall.
If you don’t have the size coil lifter for the weight I need to lift, can I special order one?
YES you can. We do make up special orders for companies. Please call us with I.D.’s and the weight of the coil you will be lifting.
Can a larger hoist ring be put on the top of the coil lifter to accommodate a larger hook or chain?
YES, but the price would be impacted based upon your requirements.
Can different size feet be put on the coil lifter to accommodate different size I.D.’s and/or softer material?
YES, but the price would be impacted based upon your requirements.