Shiloh Precision Tooling warrants this product to be free of defects in material and workmanship during the warranty period. Our warranty obligation is to provide a replacement for a defective original part if the part is covered by the warranty, after we receive a proper request from the warrantee (you) for warranty service.

Who may request service?
Only a warrantee may request service. You are a warrantee if you purchased the product from Shiloh Precision Tooling or from an authorized distributor AND Shiloh Precision Tooling has been fully paid.

What is an “original part”?
An original part is a part used to make the product as shipped to the warrantee.

What is a “proper request”?
A request for warranty service is proper if Shiloh Precision Tooling receives:
1) a photocopy of the Customer Invoice that displays the shipping date; AND 2) a written request for warranty service including your name and phone number. Send requests by any of the following methods:

EMAIL: Sales@ShilohPrecisionTooling.com​
PHONE: (585) 377-6816

In the written request, list the parts believed to be defective and include the address where replacements should be delivered.

What is covered under the warranty?
After Shiloh Precision Tooling receives your request for warranty service, an authorized representative will contact you to determine whether your claim is covered by the warranty. Before providing warranty service, Shiloh Precision Tooling may require you to send the entire product, or just the defective part or parts, to its facility in Macedon, NY. The warranty covers defects in the original components. It also covers defects in original parts that wear under normal usage conditions (“wearing parts”).

How long is the warranty period?
The warranty period for original components is 6 months. For wearing parts, the warranty period is 90 days. The warranty periods begin on the date when Shiloh Precision Tooling ships the product to the warrantee. If the product was purchased from an authorized distributor, the periods begin when the distributor ships the product.
Shiloh Precision Tooling may, at its sole discretion, extend the warranty periods for products shipped from authorized distributors by up to 30 days to account for shipping time.

If a defective part is covered by the warranty, what will Shiloh Precision Tooling do to correct the problem?
Shiloh Precision Tooling will provide an appropriate replacement for any covered part. An authorized representative of Shiloh Precision Tooling will contact you to discuss your claim.

What is not covered by the warranty?
Product misuse;
Negligent operation or repair;
Corrosion or use in corrosive environments;
Inadequate or improper maintenance;
Damage sustained during shipping;
Collisions or other incidental contacts causing damage to the product;
Unauthorized modifications:

DO NOT modify the product IN ANY WAY without first receiving written authorization from Shiloh Precision Tooling. Modification(s) might make the product unsafe to use or might cause excessive and/or abnormal wear.

Do any other warranties apply to the product?
Shiloh Precision Tooling makes no other express warranties. All implied warranties are disclaimed to the extent allowed by law.

Any implied warranty not disclaimed is limited in scope to the terms of this Limited Warranty.