Why Choose Us

Our History

Owner Jerry Webster started working for his father in a small outsource company, producing progressive stamping dies for major manufacturing companies in Penfield, NY.

Stromberg Carlson, Smith Corona, Motorola, Mallory Timers and Eastman Kodak were just some of the many clients who contracted to develop progressive stamping dies made to the company’s precise specifications. The dies were designed by the companies themselves or by an outside design source. Having to rely on outside design sources, often compromised productivity. The ability to create designs in-house was developed, opening the door to becoming a one-stop shop for tool and die production, from concept to finished product–offering finished stampings for end users.

Making Our Mark in the Industry

With several established punch press stampers in our area, we further distinguished our company in the marketplace by offering stampings produced on Four-Slides® including Multi-Slide® machines. Having been in the industry since 1966, we recognized the unique capabilities of these machines to attract new customers, manufacturing products quickly and economically from coil stock, thereby giving us a truly competitive edge.

What Makes Us Different

Since coil stock for stamping machines is generally shipped in on wooden pallets with an eye to the sky orientation, it traditionally required flipping it to a vertical attitude so that it could be moved and loaded onto the pay off reel. However, our Multi-Slide® machines had stock reels that dispensed material from a horizontal attitude. The extra step of flipping the coil to a vertical orientation to move it and then flipping it back for dispensing on the Multi-Slide® significantly decreased our productivity. It took extra time, risked damaging the material and created a real safety hazard for operators who had to turn the coil stock to a vertical position and back again. So we designed a specialized steel coil lifter specifically to move our coil stock without changing its horizontal attitude.
Currently, many punch press stampers have also switched to horizontal stock reels, creating a real need for a coil lifter that is capable of moving a coil from pallet to stock reel without changing attitude.

Our Standard Models are an economical solution for coil I.D.s from 12″-20″ and maximum load of 3000 lbs see specifications, and more importantly offers consistency in attitude to increase productivity, improve efficiency, reduce material damage and promote safety.


Increase Productivity

The telescopic action grabs on to the coil minimizing product damage

Improve Efficiency

Virtually anyone can place the lifter in the coil and be ready to lift quickly and safely.

Promote Safety

This product promotes safety in your production stamping press room